Google Drops Seven Obsolete Services

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced that the company will slay its much hyped real time messaging platform, Google Wave, on April 30th in 2012 along with another six projects, which failed to take off.

The real time messaging platform was designed to facilitate multiple users to collaborate on real time projects and was supposed to compete against Facebook. Google Wave combined email and instant messaging, however despite its technical sophistication the application failed to get noticed. Its complexity and non-user friendly environment is cited as one of the main reasons.

Google has sent a mail to all its Wave users stating that as of January 31st, 2012 all waves will be read only and the services will be terminated by April 30, 2012. Google said that until the service is turned off wave userswill be able to continue exporting individual waves with the help of the current PDF export feature.

Google also is set to shut down six other services. In a blog the company said that they are in the process of shutting down a number of other products which have not made much impact that the company hoped for, integrating them as features of other broader products and terminating other products that have shown the company a different path forward.

The other products which are expected to shut down soon are Google Bookmarks List, which is an experimental feature for collaborating with friends and sharing bookmarks. This feature will be shut down on December 19th. Google’s Friend Connect, a service that enables webmasters to add social features to their websites by embedding snippets of code, will be shut down on March 1st next year.

Google Gears another service that facilitated creating offline web apps will also stop functioning on December 1st. Google Search Timeline, a graph of old results for a query, will also go defunct. Knol, an application which allows experts to work together on in depth articles, will be terminated as well.

The search giant said it has been working with Crowd Favorite and Solvitor to create Annotum, an open source publishing and scholarly authoring platform based on Word Press. Google’s project Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal, to reduce costs of renewable energy, will also be Slayed.

This move is initiated by Google, as it aims to build a simpler, more intuitive and beautiful user experience, according to the blog. Google is taking quick steps and enhanced strategies to attract more users and gain market share, because of increased pressure from other competitors.

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