Jim Rogers: America’s Cocktail for Civil War

TruNews’ 13-year host Rick Wiles and famed investor Jim Rogers of Rogers Holdings discussed many of the same topics Rogers’ is asked to update from time to time, on many programs, including the gold market, Europe’s woes, the US dollar, and the economic outlook of Asia.

But Rogers ended the interview with a bang, taking on the controversial subject weighing on a growing number of Americans: Is the US headed into an extreme social/political catastrophe? And by implication, should Americans head for the exits? Wiles, himself, struggles with this question, as he’s intimated to his listeners in the past that he’s seriously considering relocating outside of the United States to avoid “life-threatening” dangers brewing within the republic.

Though Rogers did not go on the record by recommending Americans flee the US, the 69-year-old Singapore resident did, however, paint a rather gruesome picture of future difficulties confronting America (not dissimilar to Gerald Celente’s warnings) and the likely unpleasant and shocking reaction by an oligarchical government against its own people.

Wiles, who earlier in the broadcast nearly became speechless in complete disgust after reporting President Obama’s latest and bizarre executive order regarding the president’s sudden ‘state of emergency’ relating to Russian nuclear material
(Jun. 25, 2012), asked Rogers to speculate about what America will look like in 20-30 years.

Rogers said:

Thirty years from now. . . we [America] will certainly have been through a period of default . . . There’s more than one way to default, you can print money, pay people off, pay them off with worthless currency. You have a default. . . De facto, you’ve defaulted, but . . . you’ve paid off the debts, but the people who receive that worthless money are not very happy. And that’s going to happen in the US. You’re going to see institutions that we’ve known in the US for decades are going to disappear, or totally turned over. Lehman Brothers had been around for 150 years. Bear Stearns had been around 80 odd years, or something. You’re going to see more of that. You’re going to see more universities disappearing. Some of the Ivy League schools are essentially bankrupt, or we’ll find out that they’re bankrupt. So you’re going to have huge, huge turmoil, many museums, hospitals, art galleries, many things that we’ve known and loved, are going to be in serious trouble, disappear, and in the meantime you’ll have new companies, institutions rise.

Now, does that lead to war? It always has. America has been warlike as you know for the past many decades, several decades anyway. No doubt we’ll get into more wars and it’s not going to be fun.

Wiles asked Rogers about the obvious trend in America towards preparations of a police state, and will this trend accelerate in the future as the US standard of living declines?

Rogers said:

Well, it always has throughout history and in any country in the world that this sort of thing takes place. Governments are going to want more and more power, they blame the problems on financial types, they blame the problems on foreigners and they always close off more, putting more controls, eventually also blame it on journalists, because they’ll say, ‘if journalist didn’t write about these problems, we wouldn’t have these problems.’ It always happens that way. As I say, America has been already been fairly warlike in the past several decades, but it will get more so. Right now, as you know, the government, drifting for the last decade or two, are now going into our garages, our bank accounts, our bedrooms. They can do anything they want. Not only that, America can execute you, they murder you if they want to. The president has a secret committee, sit down and say, ‘we don’t like Sally Jones. We think she’s doing things wrong.’ They can execute you—murder you. And they don’t even have to go to a judge. They just do it. This is the law . It’s mind-boggling to those of us who grew up in the United States . . . This has all happened in the past decade, or so. It’s not what it used to be. It’s bordering on the war between the states. Lincoln abrogated right of Habeas Corpus, even threw into jail who didn’t agree with the war. This is much worse than that, potentially.

The two men ended the interview with Rogers pointing out one of the observations of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato (424/423 BC – 348/347) regarding social/political trends—a warning of the likely outcome of a morally, economically and spiritually collapsed America—an America in complete chaos.

“Plato, when he wrote The Republic said, the way societies evolve, they go from dictatorship, to oligarchy, to democracy, to chaos, and then back to dictatorship, and it starts over again,” Rogers ended the interview. “Unfortunately, Plato has been right more than he’s been wrong about that.”

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